Univers Drink, an excellent flavour with 0,0% alc.

Since 2009, Univers Drink has specialised in "non-alcoholic" beverages, creating festive and elegant drinks. The unique production process allows to give still and sparkling wines a palette of flavours and aromas with the wine-specific characteristics common to alcoholic drinks. The final stage in the production process removes any trace of alcohol to achieve 0.0 %. This is a real innovation in the non-alcoholic drinks market that distinguishes Univers Drink from other producers whose drinks still contain a small percentage of alcohol.

With relatively lenient legislation in this area in France, a drink is considered "non-alcoholic" if the alcohol content is less than 1.2 %. In Belgium this is 0.5 %. Univers Drink goes even further than legislation, guaranteeing an alcohol content of 0.0 %.

The target market includes everyone who doesn't want to, or cannot consume alcohol: pregnant women, sportsmen and women, careful drivers and also people for whom the taste and effects of alcohol are simply undesirable or superfluous. Univers Drink is dispelling the myth that a "party is not a party unless there is alcohol." It has replaced this with a new concept, like that of "sober parties", alcohol-free celebrations with all the festivity and pleasure. Having fun without being drunk seems to be becoming the current trend.