alcoholfree wine Vendôme Mademoiselle Universdrink

A universe of elegance and authenticity with the power to seduce, the perfect accompaniment in exclusive moments. Pleasure without the moderation.

wine without alcohol Night Orient Universdrink

A symbol of celebration, still or sparkling, a selection of drinks reserved for moments of relaxation and friendship.

wine without alcohol Vendanges Mademoiselle Universdrink

Sun and poetry in fruity sparkling drinks, delicately effervescent, revealing the flavours of the vine. Simple moments of pure pleasure for everyone!

alcohol free apetizer Vendanges Mademoiselle Universdrink

Celebration without alcohol is possible: a sparkling and stylish refreshment for a young audience.

Univers Drink, non-alcoholic excellence!

Since 2009, date of the company's foundation, Univers Drink has positioned itself as a non-alcoholic drinks specialist throughout the world. Thanks to a unique process, each drink reveals organoleptic characteristics worthy of wines and sparkling wines, without containing even the smallest drop of alcohol! Univers Drink offers the perfect alternative for anyone not wanting to drink alcohol...or soda!

Still or sparkling, pale gold or deep red, glamour or hip, non-alcoholic drinks to consume without moderation! For emotional moments or partying through the night, choose our non-alcoholic sparkling wines and wines with complex and refined flavours. Be seduced by Vendôme Mademoiselle, Night Orient, Vendanges mademoiselle or Life Addict!

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Univers Drink has been a partner or sponsor at numerous events. It wants to grow its collaborative efforts with organisations and businesses involved in areas such as health, but also culture, environment and other sectors.







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